copy of copy of Manche téléscopique Wolf MULTI-STAR 2,20 M à 4M

This tool is part of the MULTI-STAR interchangeable tool range. Easily trim the branches of your trees or shrubs thanks to the effort-reducing system. Very robust and practical, it ensures a clean and precise cut, up to 4 meters in height. These steel blades are non-stick. Cutting diameter: 38 mm. The ergonomic handles provide an ideal working posture. Recommended handles: ZMT1-ZMT2.

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Mixed Cutting: Tools designed to cut and trim hard woods, consisting of a single sharp and thin blade and a second one, wider and equipped with a groove (serving as support for the first). These tools are ambidextrous.

Key Features:

- Clean and precise cutting

- Handy cord guide: keeps the cord within reach and along the handle during pruning

- Non-stick coating

- Nylon cord with adjustable cutting handle

- Safety sleeve preventing accidental tool disengagement

- MULTI-STAR tool: a complete line of robust and ergonomic garden tools

- Sturdy and corrosion-resistant tool: cold-rolled, galvanized, and varnished steel

- Ideal tool angle: enhanced performance

- Space-saving: tools and handles are interchangeable


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copy of Manche téléscopique Wolf MULTI-STAR...

This 40 cm wide bow rake is part of the interchangeable MULTI-STAR tool range. Made of galvanized and varnished steel, it is particularly resistant to weather and the elements. Its 16 curved tines are specially designed for cleaning and leveling the soil in your vegetable garden. It also features a reinforcement bow for effectively retaining debris. It adapts to the working position and fits all MULTI-STAR handles. Recommended handle: ZM170.