Les Jardins de Lilou: Values We Want to Share With You!


Promotion and Dissemination of Endemic Plants from Saint-Martin and the Caribbean

At JARDINS DE LILOU, promoting endemic plants of the Caribbean in general, and Saint-Martin in particular, is a prerequisite with several remarkable benefits:

➔ Preserve Biodiversity and Protect Local Ecosystems: Endemic plants are species found only in specific regions and are particularly vulnerable to the destruction of their habitat. By introducing and valuing them, we encourage their preservation and contribute to conserving the region's biodiversity.

➔ Stimulate the Local Economy: These plants have unique properties and specific nutritional benefits, making them attractive to local and international consumers (tourism). Their production and marketing can create local jobs and contribute to the economic development of the island.

➔ Contribute to Crop Diversification and Improved Food Security: Increasing the variety of available agricultural products reduces dependence on food imports and enhances the resilience of local communities in the face of current economic and environmental shocks.



Production and Distribution of Local Agricultural Products

Passionate about sustainable agriculture and specialists in producing high-quality plant products, we believe that local production and consumption are essential for the environment and the island's economy. In addition to our nursery activities, we have embarked on an innovative agricultural project tailored to the environmental and economic constraints of Saint-Martin. This project aims to provide fresh and high-quality products (aromatic and medicinal plants, microgreens) to our local customers (restaurants, private chefs, individuals) while reducing the carbon footprint associated with production and transportation. The ideal location of the nursery in Colombier, a true "green lung" of the island and a preferred area for local plant production, provides us with an additional opportunity to promote and encourage the dissemination and/or consumption of local products in partnership with neighboring farmers and horticulturists.


Developing an Innovative, Environmentally Friendly, and Inclusive Local Economy

We take pride in our territory, respect our heritage, and are committed to maintaining our engagement in our community for future generations. Therefore, our company focuses on promoting and developing a local horticultural and agricultural sector that creates jobs and is inclusive, innovative, and sustainable, capable of addressing the specific challenges of our island. The skills of one of our partners, a specialist in professional training for over 15 years, enable our company to engage in the development of skills in the field of responsible agriculture and green economy. Our ambition is to contribute to the development of an inclusive and intergenerational sector, relying in particular on the knowledge of our elders, to offer professional training in horticulture and agriculture to those who are distant from employment, internships for future farmers, and discovery sessions for young people.